Class Action lawsuits are demanding and, sometimes, formidable. The stakes are extremely high, and the toll can often be felt through an entire organization. McDougall Gauley LLP has proven itself to be among the best in Canada in defending against multi-million dollar class action claims. We understand how a class action claim can affect both current operations and future business. While managing the legal issues we also take care to safeguard your markets and address public relations and business concerns. Our lawyers work in this context to minimize adverse effects on your organization. 

Additionally, with ongoing changes to the class action landscape in Canada, business leaders need to know that the skills and knowledge of their law firm will adapt. The Class Action team at McDougall Gauley LLP handles many cases in various industries which keep us current. Our lawyers have defended companies in manufacturing, pharmaceutical, communications, service, biotechnology and agricultural sectors against claims such as:

  • Products liability
  • Conspiracy to control a marketplace
  • Improper levying of fees and charges
  • Negligence, nuisance and environmental claims

We have worked with local, national and multinational companies to bring our knowledge of the Canadian legal landscape successfully to their defense. McDougall Gauley LLP has also acted in co-operation with legal teams outside of Saskatchewan to represent corporations with interests in the province. Our lawyers have extensive experience with and understanding of Class Action litigation strategies. They work with clients to get the best possible outcome given the dynamic circumstances that surround these complex, high-stakes cases.

Class Action Litigation