Joseph Dierker, Q.C.The “Godfather” of the Credit Union system, Joseph (Joe) J. Dierker of McDougall Gauley LLP, will be awarded the Credit Union Central of Canada (Canadian Central) Hall of Fame Award tonight at the 2013 World Credit Union Conference (WCUC) in Ottawa, Ontario.

Mr. Dierker, a prominent Saskatoon lawyer with a career that has spanned over 50 years, has been a part of ground breaking legislation development for the Credit Union system that impacted credit unions across Canada. Some of this work includes helping develop The Credit Union Act of 1979, which allowed credit unions into the legislative act. Other noteworthy work with the Credit Union system includes working on The Co-operative Learning Association Act, The Commercial Co-operatives Act and helping credit unions understand electronic transactions. Mr. Dierker also worked on a model of Credit Union Legislature for Africa including writing the Financial Co-operatives Bill for Malawi.

“Joe’s work ethic and dedication to credit unions are unprecedented. He is well-respected among corporate, legal and legislative contacts he has encountered provincially and federally, and he is a very dear friend. He has always been careful to put the policy question to the industry, and to take great care in crafting the legal work around that.” Keith Nixon, CEO, SaskCentral.

Even though Mr. Dierker is supposedly “retired” he seems to not understand the meaning of the word, as he continues to work on amendments to the national payment system which would allow credit unions to act under The Bank Act. This would allow credit unions to work together on a national level.

Joe is a proud member of the Saskatoon community and has volunteered throughout his career to give back. His volunteer work with the Nutana Rotary has spanned over 50 years and had a large impact on this community.

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