Best Lawyers recognized several McDougall Gauley lawyers for outstanding work in their field. Best Lawyers is a highly-regarded lawyer peer review publication in the legal profession, seeking input from a wide range of lawyers in private and public practice, as well as in-house counsel to establish its list of rated lawyers.

Lawyer of the Year:

Susan B. Barber, QC - Labour and Employment Law
Gordon J. Kuski, QC - Class Action Litigation
Michael W. Milani, QC - Corporate and Commercial Litigation
Christopher C. Boychuk, QC - Construction Law
Heather J. Laing, QC - Insurance Law
William A. Nickel - Securities Law

Brian M. Banilevic (2009) - Administrative and Public Law, Family Law
Susan B. Barber, Q.C. (2008) - Labour and Employment Law
Wayne L. Bernakevitch (2015) - Real Estate Law
Christopher C. Boychuk, Q.C. (2015) - Administrative and Public Law, Construction Law
Joseph J. Dierker, Q.C. (2015) - Banking and Finance Law, Corporate Governance Practice, Corporate Law
Sherry L. Fitzsimmons (2013) - Family Law
Aaron A. Fox, Q.C. (2006) - Criminal Defense
Philip J. Gallet (2015) - Insurance Law
Terence Graf, Q.C. (2015) - Trusts and Estates
Nancy E. Hopkins, Q.C. (2006) - Corporate Law, Administrative and Public Law
Robert G. Kennedy, Q.C. (2015) - Corporate and Commercial Litigation, Personal Injury Litigation, Legal Malpractice Law
Erin Kleisinger (2015) - Banking and Finance Law, Insolvency and Financial Restructuring Law, Education Law
James N. Korpan (2012) - Family Law
Gordon J. Kuski, Q.C. (2006) - Bet-the-Company Litigation, Class Action Litigation, Corporate and Commercial Litigation, Insurance Law
Heather J. Laing, Q.C. (2015) - Insurance Law
G. Brett Ledingham (2015) - Energy Law, Oil & Gas Law
Dale G. Linn (2016) - Trusts and Estates 
David J. McKeague, Q.C. (2006) - Banking and Finance Law, Corporate Law, Mergers & Acquisitions Law
Michael W. Milani, Q.C. (2006) - Banking and Finance Law, Bet-the-Company Litigation, Corporate and Commercial Litigation, Corporate Law, Insolvency and Financial Restructuring Law, Natural Resources Law
Robert N. Millar, Q.C. (2015) - Corporate Governance Practice, Real Estate Law
Ronald L. Miller (2016) - Corporate Governance Practice 
James A. Morrison (2016) - Family Law
William A. Nickel (2012) - Energy Law, Oil & Gas Law, Securities Law
Michael Phillips (2015) - Labour and Employment Law
Amanda M. Quayle (2015) - Administrative and Public Law, Corporate and Commercial Litigation
Kenneth A. Ready, Q.C. (2016) - Health Care Law, Medical Negligence 
Murray R. Sawatzky, Q.C. (2006) - Construction Law
Larry F. Seiferling, Q.C. (2006) - Labour and Employment Law
William J. Shaw (2012) - Corporate Law, Real Estate Law, Construction Law
Ian A. Sutherland (2010) - Banking and Finance Law, Insolvency and Financial Restructuring Law
Dion Tchorzewski (2017) - Corporate Governance Practice
Stuart J. Wicijowski (2015) - Corporate Law
Raymond Wiebe (2016) - Family Law 
Gary Zabos, Q.C. (2009) - Insurance Law